Baltimore Biodiversity Toolkit


We recognize the incredible potential of the Gwynns Falls watershed to be a world-class urban wildlife haven. There is well-known need for high-quality and accessible green space in the city, not only for native plants and animals, but for residents as well. In commitment to this vision, we offer this toolkit, in which we:

This project complements the mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (US FWS) Baltimore Rivers to Harbor Urban Refuge Partnership to "enhance connectivity and accessibility of green spaces" by considering already protected green spaces as well as including community managed open spaces mapped by Baltimore Green Space and opportunity areas identified by the Baltimore Green Network Plan. Additionally, Baltimore is a participating city within the US FWS’s Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds, and the goals of this project, as well as the majority of our focus species being birds, aligns well with the Urban Bird Treaty program goals. The Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition, which facilitates collaboration with public, private, and nonprofit organizations throughout Central Maryland, will promote use of the toolkit across its many different projects.

We in no way intend for projects to limit their scope to the Gwynns Falls Watershed. We simply suggest that if the strategies outlined within are sucessful in this incredibly urban landscape, then they are scalable throughout the metropolitan region. Please let us know about your projects in and around the Central Maryland area!